Eric Miller appointed as Executive Director of global rare disease advocacy group – March 2020

March 2020 – Eric Miller, President of Optio Biopharma Solutions, was appointed as Executive Director, Secretary of the Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization. Eric has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to increasing awareness of the plight of rare disease families and their right to access promising new therapies. Eric is a proponent of the rights of all rare disease patients to resources, attention, and research closer in proportion and fairness to those received by patients suffering from better-known larger prevalence diseases. Eric looks forward to using his pharmaceutical sector background to advance appropriate but more efficient and collaborative partnerships with pharma sector companies to bring promising HD therapies forward more rapidly to young people (defined by HDYO as 35 and younger). Eric also believes in accelerating promising new therapies to Juvenile onset HD patients and families as medically appropriate.

Eric Miller has a son and a niece who are battling rare diseases.