Competitive Intelligence

Optio conducts traditional competitor marketing and medical congress activity monitoring. Our strategic experience lends itself to perceptive analysis of competitor messaging, segmentation, positioning and tactics.

Optio also specializes in more difficult deep-field pharmaceutical industry competitive intelligence. We use a qualitative research approach designed to examine competitors in-depth and obtain the strategic competitive insights you need to make the most informed decisions possible. We have conducted complex, global, multi-key player and multiple therapeutic areas competitive intelligence research for our clients. We have also conducted smaller, more targeted and rapid “snap” competitive insights projects to help answer pressing business intelligence questions.

Using our deep-field competitive intelligence approach we find “in-the-know” industry executives and ask pertinent questions to provide meaningful and actionable operational and strategic insights.

Some examples of deep-field competitive insights and benefits our client gained from projects:


  • How competitors designed pharmaceutical customer experience programs (including Hub pharmacy and distribution) – lessons learned to help limit in-house expenditure without compromising customer/patient satisfaction
  • How competitor websites segmented their customers – service program enrollment practices
  • Lessons learned on patient engagement – the right amount of “ask” regarding personal data

Competitor customer and key stakeholder (dis)satisfaction

  • Competitor vulnerability via weak points in competitor service or other customer/patient dissatisfaction
  • Competitor employee pain points – competitor vulnerabilities from severe and consistent employee dissatisfaction with specific policies and practices
  • Competitor best practices – areas of competitive advantage in key stakeholder relationships which merit emulation


  • Rationale around launch priorities and ROI lessons learned – what “works” for competitors
  • Interpretation of competitor product value proposition and business rationale for customer/patient promise
  • Topline customer/patient segment behavior and rationale behind competitor segment prioritization
  • Rough segment size and relative resource investment by segment

Internal guidelines for Optio Biopharma Solutions, LLC conform to those guidelines and recommendations for CI and business intelligence established by the preeminent CI professional organizations in North America and Europe as well as local law.

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