Market Research and Analysis

Optio routinely conducts qualitative and quantitative physician, thought leader, patient/caregiver, and payer market research. We have even conducted research with a variety of allied healthcare professionals such as social workers, geneticists, nutritionists and occupational health specialists where relevant for a rare disease market. We specialize in orphan/ultra-orphan disease markets and atypical/challenging research projects that require involvement by experienced senior staff throughout the process.  Orphan drug markets are often challenging from a valuation and research perspective because epidemiological literature and market (prescriber) data for ultra/orphan markets can be extremely limited.  Optio has provided clients with insights on such uncharted markets and uncovered previously “missing” patient segments outside of the mainstream orphan disease patient community and medical specialist management of their disease. Optio has conducted research in the USA, Major European markets (Germany, UK, France, Italy and Spain), Benelux, Scandinavia, Australia, and Brazil. Optio has research capabilities in Turkey and Russia.

All new engagements start with a meeting.