US Affiliate Startup – New Product Planning for a European ClientNPP - US market strategic commercial planning for a European pharma company

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European biotech with an orphan drug in Phase 3 development needed a cost efficient commercial bridgehead in the US.  Optio provided ongoing input on orphan market commercial strategy and advice on specialty product distribution.  Optio also provided qualitative market research capability.

client need

NPP services and pre-launch market development

  • Comprehensive US market planning
    • Market research
    • Strategic plan
    • Launch timeline
  • Representation at all major US medical and advocacy meetings
  • Preliminary orphan drug distribution strategy
  • Organizational framework (commercial/marketing, medical affairs, and sales force estimates) and cost estimates for a startup US affiliate


Physician focused market research (qualitative)

  • Understand treatment dynamics
  • Gauge commercial impact of various Phase 3 scenarios
  • Feedback on base case product profile with share estimate for forecast
  • Feedback on potential Phase 4 options

Patient focused market research (qualitative)

  • Build on limited epidemiological data to refine market understanding
  • Emphasis on finding “missing” patient/caregiver segment(s) for valuation and understanding patient journey
  • Estimate overall patient financial assistance program costs

Use market research results for evidence based decision making during the strategic planning process. Integrate commercial strategy within a launch timeline and cross-functional plans.


Successful commercial preparation for US affiliate build-out and launch activities.

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