Commercial Support of Business Development Efforts – Defending Client Product and Market ValuationsMarket Research NPP

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Our client required support for their deal valuation and augmentation of their BD efforts within the USA.


Delivery of product valuation and market assumptions credible to large pharma during M&A and out-licencing discussions and negotiations leading to a successful out-licensing deal of a Phase 3 orphan compound.  Work involved:

  • Ongoing commercial representation and interaction with potential deal-partners during M&A and out-licensing talks
  • Delivering presentations communicating and validating client market assessments, product valuations and forecasts
    • Generation of timely and cost-effective primary quantitative and qualitative market data
    • Communication of US and European thought leader feedback and market research
    • Rapid generation of ad hoc qualitative US and European thought leader market research to address deal-partner concerns on the fly
    • Supportive input on EU market valuation and pricing assumptions

Other BD work includes generating American leads for divestiture of two Phase 1 compounds on behalf of a European client.


Our client successfully out-licensed their phase 3 asset.

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