Orphan Drug Distribution PlanningMarket Research NPP

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Client required assistance with a preliminary orphan drug distribution plan for a rare disease biologic. The primary question centered upon basic distribution strategy.

  • Build out organic capabilities for a service center hub and distribution pharmacy or use vendors?
  • If the client were to use specialty pharmacy vendors, which ones would be most suited
  • What type of distribution system? Could the client be successful with a closed distribution strategy?


Align distribution network with commercial and corporate strategy.

  • Integrate unique product and market characteristics into distribution strategy.
  • “Translate” the often arcane lexicon and systems of wholesale (3PL) and retail specialty distribution into proposals understandable throughout the organization.
  • Evaluate technical specialists/groups capable of building out the client’s distribution network in detail.
  • Ensure the technical specialists understand and remain focused on your organizational and commercial goals.
  • Ask the tough questions that can prevent the build-out of network components unsuited to your specific market.
  • Maximize your company’s control of the customer experience within the parameters of HIPAA, HITECH, REMS, OIG, and FDA regulations.
  • Manage expectations regarding market/sales and product inventory data provided by a specialty pharmacy network and minimize potential gaps.


Issued a full report and recommendations resulting in key decisions being made by senior management.


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