Orphan Market Development Project – Preparing an “Uncharted” MarketCommercialization Services

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Our client needed to measure a “negative” orphan drug market segment to estimate its impact upon product valuation and forecasts. The patient segment in question was one largely disconnected from the healthcare system and totally disconnected from the advocacy reach of this particular rare disease. How can you measure a patient segment you cannot reach or recruit?


Clarify an “uncharted” orphan market commercial opportunity and market development essentials.

An Orphan Market Development Triangulation (OMDT®) is a comprehensive qualitative market research project drawing upon feedback from clinicians (in this case both specialists and primary care), patient advocacy and financial support groups, as well as patients and caregivers.  The project yields a vast array of prized market insights.  One important insight delivered is the clarification of an initially incomplete market picture provided by limited prevalence literature and prescribing data.  The survey composition is based upon existent knowledge of the market but is adaptive enough to capitalize upon market insights as they build.  This methodology is capable of characterizing a “lost” patient/caregiver segment (qualitative) if one exists.


We interviewed thought leaders and high prescribing physicians, advocacy, and social workers who routinely served families struggling with this particular rare disease. The discussions about this “lost” patient segment and estimates provided by these three key stakeholder groups were in concert with each other. This provided our client with the best measurement of this particular market segment as well as some strategies to potentially reach some of these “disconnected” patients post launch.

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