Target Product Profile (TPP) or Draft Launch Label (DLL) for a Pharmaceutical ProductMarket Research NPP

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Multiple Optio clients have relied upon our experience and expertise to create and manage the “blueprint” for their drug in development. Codifying the target profile objectives across all functions prevents misunderstandings that can lead to a failed product or significant loss of commercial value upon launch.


TPP or Draft Launch Label development and management services

  • Establishment of an internal TPP and process from scratch
  • Project management of the TPP and core team
  • Identification of critical market research opportunities and needs
    • Establishment of a customer-ranked value hierarchy for clinical trial assessment scales
    • Identification of potential a new commercial axis of competition for products entering mature and competitive markets
  • Enhanced commercial input on protocol design leading to increased value to internal shareholders and investors


Optio’s involvement in multiple TPP/draft launch label projects has consistently led to increased commercial value and illumination of pitfalls previously unknown to the client organization.

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